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Protect your Investment

Corrosion can slowly destroy your investment in steel structures, storage tanks, industrial machines. But also concrete buildings, bridges, etc. which are in humid conditions, especially near rivers (marine conditions) constantly exposed to moisture penetration. There always will be moisture, so our advice is: “protect your investment !” There are several modern systems for corrosion protection on steel and concrete. Prosco Industrial derives it through professional products and the use of well-tested systems. With international standards, availability of data and test reports, the systems we offer you, give you as a client the guarantee for long term protection.

Corrosion protection without sandblasting

Special for food industries where sandblasting is not permitted, or stopping your production is not an option, we have Rustgrip— specially design for rust control. Salttest up to 15000 hours and
now test are running for up to 30000 hours.

Quality, safety and environment

At Prosco industrial NV we ensure quality and safety througout the whole proces. Application of protective coating starts with a good cleaning. Grit blasting for maximum cleaning or high pressure water are non-harmful substances for human and environment. We pay constant attention to the safety of people and the environment.

Blasting is done only with grit, according to international safety standards and with confidence in Sigma Coatings we have many satisfied customers.


During the execution phase we can easily adapt our flexibility to your schedule, so that work is always carried out at the right time and on time.




Een onderneming die activiteiten in vastgoed, woningbouw, utiliteit en infra combineert in de werkgebieden wonen, werken en verbinden. Wij zijn actief in heel Suriname en leveren als civiele bouw partner kennis en concepten in verschillende markten. Door te sturen op voortdurende kwaliteitsverbetering, innovatie en integraliteit realiseren we toegevoegde waarde voor onze klanten. PROSCO NV realiseert projecten voor woonconsumenten, bedrijven en de overheid.