• Adres : Johan Aaronstraat 6, Paramaribo
  • Tel : +597 - 426522

Subsidairy of Prosco N.V.
Residential & modern construction

PROSCO Industrial NV



PROSCO INDUSTRIAL NV is an independent subsidiary of Prosco NV, which operates since 2008 in the field of residential construction and modern construction. Suriname with its humid tropical climate, objects are constantly being “attacked” by a high humidity level to buildings and structures in the industry and utilities. From an increasing need for professional handling of these moisture problems Prosco Industrial NV has focused its activities on professional combat and control of these corrosion problems: Corrosion control.

Other services: Noise reduction (noise control), Thermal insulation (heat reflective and insulating coating systems with NASA test reports), Fireproofing, Industrial sealants and providing special foreign manpower to carry out inspections.

In a nutshell: we offer total specialist solutions for both industry and residential construction. In cooperation with our suppliers and specialists, we can professionally advice you about the applications of our products.

Our approach

our-approachWell-trained employees perform work competently within your needs, schedule and budget. We provide short communication lines in our organization: the people with whom you start at the beginning of a project remain throughout the process your contact / project supervisor, from quotation to completion. By continually improving on our workflow for our entire workforce by giving them specialists training we make sure to have the latest and best working technology available for you.


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Een onderneming die activiteiten in vastgoed, woningbouw, utiliteit en infra combineert in de werkgebieden wonen, werken en verbinden. Wij zijn actief in heel Suriname en leveren als civiele bouw partner kennis en concepten in verschillende markten. Door te sturen op voortdurende kwaliteitsverbetering, innovatie en integraliteit realiseren we toegevoegde waarde voor onze klanten. PROSCO NV realiseert projecten voor woonconsumenten, bedrijven en de overheid.